Child Chiropractic Procedures: Subluxation

"mom with child riding bike"Subluxation is a slight misalignment of the vertebrae. This misalignment has been linked to a number of diseases and health concerns. By visiting a pediatric chiropractor, your child will not only feel better physically, but can actually avoid risk of disease. It has been shown that a vertebral subluxation can affect not just the ease of movement, but also that it can alter how well the brain and the nervous system communicate.

When your child sees a chiropractor for subluxation you are minimizing, if not eliminating altogether, pain due to movement as well as improving their ability to understand and communicate. In addition, children who receive subluxation are healthier and at lower risk of illness or even disease. This lower risk of illness has been shown as a result of unhealthy microbes not being able to be lodged within the vertebrae.

Keep your child healthy and happy, schedule a pediatric subluxation with us today. "Mom baby on chest subluxation"