Marietta Kid Chiropractor Presents:

Why Our Kids Are So Sick and What We Can Do About It:  A One Act (very short) Play

Scene: A typical kitchen in Marietta, Georgia. A mom sits at the table, overlooking the deck. Gorgeous fall colors highlight the leaves on their oak trees; oranges, yellows, reds.  The sun shines on her face, but she doesn’t notice the beauty in front of her. She talks to her friend on her iPhone.

Mom:  Little Johnny  has his 3rd ear infection in 6 months.  I am so tired of giving him antibiotics.  Baby Jane kept us up all night with colic.  I can’t get her to nurse easily because of the latching problems she has due to the cranial distortions from her crazy birth.  And James is acting out more and more each day.  His teacher said yesterday that she thinks he may have a learning disability and may need hyperactivity meds because of ADHD.  What do we do?

Friend: I’ve told you this a thousand times!  Get your kids to see Marietta Kid Chiropractor!  We had all the same problems you did, but when we started getting the kids adjusted, everything changed.  No more ear infections, no more  colic, nursing improved, ADHD under control. I mean, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?  Like Dr. Rubin always says, “If you keep on doing what you are doing, you’ll keep on getting what you are getting. If you want something different, you need to do something different.”

Mom: But what if it is too expensive?  What if they aren’t covered under our health insurance?”

Friend: Not too expensive? How much are pediatrician visits and weekly trips to the pharmacy costing you, or the cost to take days off from work, not to mention the aggravation of having sick kids all the time? It’s too expensive to NOT get them to Dr. Rubin!

Mom: Well, I heard that chiropractic isn’t safe for kids! Aren’t you afraid they are going to hurt your babies?

Friend: Dr. Rubin is a pediatric specialist.  He is a board certified Diplomate in Pediatrics.  There are less than 5 Chiropractic Pediatric Diplomates in all of Georgia!  Plus he uses gentle adjusting techniques such as sustained contact, Activator (which is an adjusting instrument), cranial work, Network, B.E.S.T. and a bunch of others, so there is no popping or cracking of the spine.  And the results speak for themselves.  I will also email you an article called: The safety and effectiveness of pediatric chiropractic: a survey of chiropractors and parents. It’s a research paper written by the International
Chiropractic Pediatric Association explaining how safe chiropractic is, specifically for children.  Dr. Rubin and his patient’s participated in that study! (It can be found at:

Mom: Maybe Marietta Kid Chiropractor is just a ‘flash in the

Friend: He graduated in 1989 and has been in private practice ever since.  Plus he teaches
pediatric chiropractic at Life University, the largest chiropractic school in the world, so this guy’s got experience.

Mom: I guess I can’t argue these facts.  How do I get started?

Friend: He has this special offer on his websites.  $50 for a new patient exam, including x-rays if needed (regularly his exams are $100 or more).  And the new patient forms are on his websites too.  He and his staff are friendly, affordable and get results.  You are making the right step.

Mom: What if my husband wants more information?

Friend: Then download the ebook, Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Bring Your Child To A Chiropractor. If he reads that, he will be convinced. If not, let him talk to me.  I’ll change his mind. Or send him to one of Dr. Rubin’s health talks.  He gives them twice a month at his office on Wednesday nights at 6:45pm.

Mom: You should work for Marietta Kid Chiropractor!

Friend: I just send lots of patients his way because he helped our family so much.  You will do the same too!  Gotta run.